A Busy Afternoon for the Pride of Surrey Council

In September the Pride of Surrey Council No. 168 had another candidate for admission to the Degree of Select Master, along with two candidates for the Degree of Super Excellent Master.

A Busy Afternoon for the Pride of Surrey Council The Council was opened by the T.I.M. Ill.Comp. Barry Northmore, who welcomed everyone, especially our guests. A ballot was taken for Ill.Comp. Richard Veness as a re-joining member and Comp. Derek Barr as a joining member. This proved in their favour.

Comps. Stuart de Fraine Ford and Garth Blanchard were Received and Acknowledged as a Super Excellent Masters by the T.I.M., Ill.Comp. Barry Northmore, assisted by his Officers. Thanks must go to Ill.Comp. Richard Baker who assisted with the rehearsal of the Ensigns as conducted in his Sussex Council.

The next item on the agenda was to Choose as a Select Master Bro. Roy Miller. At 94 years of age Roy is probably the oldest candidate to join the Royal and Select Masters in Surrey. The ceremony of Select Master was undertaken by Ill.Comp. Chris Eley, assisted by Ill.Comp. Richard Baker who entrusted Roy with the secrets of the Degree and Ill.Comp. David Thompson who presented the history of the Degree. Comp. Roy was then welcomed into the Council by Ill. Comp. Chris and the T.I.M. Ill.Comp. Barry Northmore.

After a few drinks in the bar, the Companions of the Pride of Surrey Council and their guests sat down to a most enjoyable festive board at the Sutton Masonic Centre.

A Busy Afternoon for the Pride of Surrey Council Roy is a well-loved, popular and highly respected Mason, who has dedicated his Masonic life to the Royal Arch Province of Surrey, serving as Second Provincial Grand Principal, having previously been Provincial Grand Scribe E for a number of years. Not only is Roy a well respected Mason he is also a much decorated WW2 Royal Naval Veteran who two years ago was asked to participate in The Royal British Legion’s special appeal.

Article and photographs by Chris Eley

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