Durham District Meeting at Gateshead

On Saturday 1st September our District Grand Master with the District Recorder visited Gateshead for the Durham District Meeting.

This was the first time we had been there as previously the meeting had clashed with the East Anglia District meeting. The new District Grand Master R.Ill.Comp. Michael Graham had changed the date and as a result saw sixteen other District Grand Masters attend.

Durham District Meeting at Gateshead R.Ill.Comp. Michael is shown front and centre with his Deputy and District Grand PCW. The other District Grand Masters shown left to right are -
  • Cumberland and Westmoreland, R.Ill.Comp. Douglas Sanderson
  • East Anglia, R.Ill.Comp. Peter Coles
  • Northumberland, R.Ill.Comp. John Harvey
  • Devon and Cornwall, R.Ill.Comp. Jan Olszewski
  • North Midlands, R.Ill.Comp. John Clements
    Wyvern, R.Ill.Comp. Ken Downes
  • Hertfordshire, R.Ill.Comp. Colin Hellyer
  • Somerset and Wiltshire, R.Ill.Comp. David Nelson
  • Lancashire, R.Ill.Comp. Robert Mitchell
  • North and East Yorkshire, R.Ill.Comp. Neil Woodward
  • Kent, R.Ill.Comp. Trevor Marley Sharp
  • Warwickshire, R.Ill.Comp. David Rawlins
  • Middlesex, R.Ill.Comp. Christopher Lewis
  • West Yorkshire, R.Ill.Comp. David Cordell
  • Dorset Hampshire and IoW, R.Ill.Comp. Jeremy Shaw
  • Surrey, R.Ill.Comp. David Blackburn
Article by R.Ill, Comp. David Blackburn

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