Council Meetings and Official Visits 2019-20

Friday 5th April Chelsea 72  
Tuesday 9th April Weyside 277 Dep DistGM
Wednesday 1st May Warlingham 161  
Tuesday 7th May Courtenay 133 DistPCW
Wednesday 8th May Chertsey Abbey 254 DistGM
4th June Waverley 205  
Tuesday 11th June Surrey 88 DistPCW
Monday 17th June Warlingham 16  
Monday 15th July Weyside 277  
Tuesday 16th July Weald of Surrey 309 Silver Trowel
Wednesday 17th July Waverley 205  
Monday 2nd September Pride of Surrey 168  
Tuesday 3rd September Surrey 88  
Wednesday 11th September Chelsea 72 DistGM
Friday 13th September Courtenay 133  
Friday 4th October Chertsey Abbey 254  
Monday 4th November Chelsea 72  
5th November Warlingham 161 DistGM
Friday 13th December Weyside 277  

Wednesday 8th January Pride of Surrey 168  
Wednesday 5th February Chertsey Abbey 254  
Monday 2nd March Surrey 88  
Tuesday 3rd March Courtenay 133  
Friday 6th March Pride of Surrey 168 DistPCW
Friday 13th March Waverley 205 DistGM

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Royal and Select Masters District of Surrey
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