The District Grand Master’s Address to District Grand Council

My address will be fairly brief as I am aware that unlike our regular meetings at Croydon you can now switch me off.

I congratulate those who have received appointment or promotion in the District Grand Council of Surrey and confirm those appointments. It is my intention to re-appoint all the District Officers for a further year in March as they have missed out this year.

I also congratulate those appointed and promoted within Grand Council in April.

Active Rank
  Ill.Comp. Tony LAIRD G.Man.

  R.ILL.Comp Louis KEATS, G.Chap P.G.Coun.
  Ill.Comp. Peter KIPPS, PGCondC P.G.Capt.Gd.
  Ill.Comp. Nigel THOMSON, PGSwdB P.G.Cond.C.
First Appointments Appointed
  Ill.Comp. Christopher CRADOCK P.G.Swd.B.
  Ill.Comp. John NORTON-DOYLE P.G.Std.B.

Optimistically in March, via email, I said that I looked forward to your company and support later in the year. How things change, goodness knows what is going to happen in the next few months. I will be relying on support from the Deputy and P.C.W. to cover any visits that I may have done as my current health situation with attendant immune system problem means that I will not be attending meetings for some time. As activities resume in September it is great to ackowledge that in the first week Pride of Surrey Council have three Candidates and Chelsea Council are Installing a new T.I.M., Comp Mark Donovan.

As our meeting would have been in March we decided not to invite guests from other Districts and up until recently I had hoped to hold our District Meeting within Courtenay Council. However the current restrictions made this unworkable, hence the Virtual Business Meeting to discharge various requirements.

I do hope that you all enjoy your Cryptic Masonry and I invite you to encourage others to join in that enjoyment. I am convinced that personal contact is the most effective means of recruitment. We do not have a single Council in the District that would not benefit from a few new members. What better way to re-start our Cryptic Masonry than with a Candidate or two. Whilst currently, and understandably, the Royal Master Degree is not permitted but the Select Master Degree is and the restrictions have not drastically changed that ceremony or it’s meaning.

Our website contains the latest messages from Mark Masons’ Hall with general advice about Covid. Everything is highly unpredictable so keep an eye out for communications. Please stay in touch, especially with members who you think will be particularly in need, remember that we are all Almoners. I thank you all for zooming today I take the opportunity to wish all our members, families and their friends well during the ongoing crisis, let us hope that we all come through safely. May the Supreme Master of All have you and your loved ones in His Holy Keeping now and evermore.

R.Ill.Comp. David J Blackburn
District Grand Master

25th August 2020

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