A Visit to Lancashire

Due to the suspension of Masonic activity the Annual Meeting of the District Grand Council of Lancashire was held as a Virtual Business Meeting on Saturday 20th February 2021. Attending was the Grand Master, M.Ill.Comp. Kessick John Jones, and Companions from many other Districts. Our District Grand Master, R.Ill.Comp. David Blackburn, and I were among the 100 Delegates that attended the meeting.

A Visit to Lancashire The District Grand Master, R.Ill.Comp. Robert S.C. Mitchell, JP, declared the meeting open and welcomed all present.

A Visit to Lancashire The District Grand Recorder, Ill.Comp. John E Green, P.A.G.D.C., read the permission to hold a Virtual Business Meeting.

A Visit to Lancashire The Minutes of the Meeting held on the 1st February 2020 were approved by the Companions. The Grand Master, M.Ill.Comp. Kessick Jones, briefly addressed the meeting. He expressed his thanks for the invitation to the meeting and congratulated all those who will receive Grand Rank in April. He said he was looking forward to being able to be with everyone in hopefully the not too distant future.

A Visit to Lancashire After the regular business of the District was completed, the District Grand Master announced that he was appointing Ill.Comp. J. Fraser McCord, P.G.Cond.C., as Deputy District Grand Master; and Ill.Comp. J Christopher Welton, P.G.Cond.C., as Principal Conductor of the Work. The District Grand Master asked the District Grand Recorder to read the names of the Companions appointed to and promoted in District Grand Rank.

The District Grand Master then individually welcomed all the guests and visitors and addressed District Grand Council. He thanked everyone for attending and declared the meeting closed.

Article by Chris Eley, Assistant District Grand Recorder

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