A Visit to the Wyvern District

Due to the suspension of Masonic activity the Annual Meeting of the Wyvern District Grand Council was held as a Virtual Business Meeting on Saturday 26th June 2021. Attending was the Grand Master, M.Ill.Comp. Kessick Jones, and Companions from many other Districts, including the District Grand Master of South Africa, R.Ill.Comp. Paul S Knight. There were 88 Companions at the meeting.

A Visit to the Wyvern District Also attending were R.Ill.Comp. David Blackburn, our District Grand Master; Ill.Comp. Peter Kipps, our Deputy District Grand Master; and Ill.Comp. Chris Eley, our Assistant District Grand Recorder.

The District Grand Master for the Wyvern District, R.Ill.Comp. Kenneth L Downes, JP., declared the meeting open and welcomed all present. The District Grand Recorder, Ill.Comp. Mike Saxon, read the permission to hold a Virtual Business Meeting.

A Visit to the Wyvern District The Minutes of the previous District Grand Council Meeting were approved by the Companions. After the regular business of the District was completed, the District Grand Council Officers for the ensuing year were appointed. Ill.Comp. George L Brown was reappointed Deputy District Grand Master and Ill.Comp. Gareth Hughes was reappointed District Grand Principal Conductor of the Work.

The District Grand Master addressed District Grand Council. He said that he had hoped to be able to meet face to face but was looking forward to being able to do this in the future. He congratulated those Companions who received appointments or promotion in Grand Council in April as well as those he had appointed today, thanking them for their support.

A Visit to the Wyvern District He said that is ambition was to Consecrate one new Council during his term of office. Unfortunately the Consecration of Trinity Council No 343 has been delayed but the District Grand Master is hopeful this will take place later in the year. He thanked those attending the meeting today and said that he is looking forward to the resumption of Masonic activities.

The Grand Master was invited to address the meeting. He thanked the District Grand Master for the invitation and congratulated the District on a well run meeting. He also congratulated those District Officers appointed today, as well as those he would have invested in person at Grand Council in April. He said it was good to see everyone from other Districts present. He knows the motivational level is high and asked everyone to keep safe and sensible for a little longer.

A Visit to the Wyvern District The District Grand Master then thanked everyone for attending and declared the meeting closed. Afterwards the guests all said how much they had enjoyed the meeting and wished the Wyvern District every success in the future.

Article and photos by Chris Eley, Assistant District Grand Recorder

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