Presentation of a USAF Mug to Paul Fitzgerald

The first photo below shows RW Bro David Blackburn, the District Grand Master of the Royal and Select Masters in Surrey, back when he was a traffic cop and they had exchange events with the military.

Presentation of a USAF Mug to Paul Fitzgerald RW Bro David and colleagues in 'Sweeney' mode on a vist to the USAF

As David explains: “You will probably guess that I am the bearded one and to my right are three Met colleagues. I was a traffic cop based in Croydon and this was a purely social event. We did many exchange social events over the years. We did exchange visits with Royal Navy, RAF and Army and of course US Air Force”.

He thought the souvenir mug he got from the USAF would make a nice gift for W.Bro Paul Fitzgerald, the Deputy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler of the Order of the Secret Monitor in Surrey, especially as he is a Special Assistant Commander in the AFA (USAF).

“The USAF were particularly generous with their souvenirs” David elucidates, “and the mug was one of those. I don’t drink much tea, not in large quantities so I have kept the mug unused for thirty years and then along comes Paul with his affiliations and I though he was the ideal recipient”.

Presentation of a USAF Mug to Paul Fitzgerald Thirty years after receiving the mug from the USAF, RW Bro David presents it as a gift to W.Bro Paul

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