An Executive Visit to Chelsea Council

On the 8th September 2021 the Companions of Chelsea Council No 72 were honoured by the presence of our District Grand Master R.Ill.Comp. David J Blackburn, and a number of District Grand Officers.

An Executive Visit to Chelsea Council The Council was opened by the Thrice Illustrious Master, Ill.Comp. Mark Donovan who welcomed everyone. The District Grand Director of Ceremonies, Ill.Comp. Simon McCarthy entered and advised the Thrice Illustrious Master that R.Ill.Comp. David J Blackburn, District Grand Master, was in the ante room and demanded admission. The District Grand Master entered and was offered the gavel. He said how good it was to be with everyone again and how much he was looking forward to the meeting. After introducing the District Grand Officers who had accompanied him the District Grand Master presented a Silver Trowel Certificate to Ill.Comp. Norman Woodfin, who had recently taken the ceremony at Weald of Surrey Council.

An Executive Visit to Chelsea Council The main item on the agenda was to Honour as a Royal Master Companion Des Franklin. The ceremony was conducted in an excellent manner by Ill.Comp. Leslie Grout, assisted by the acting Principal Conductor of the Work, R.Ill.Comp. Michael Barnes.

An Executive Visit to Chelsea Council The District Grand Master congratulated Companion Des on taking his Royal Master Degree. Ill.Comp. Mark Donovan was Proclaimed Thrice Illustrious Master for a further year and installed his Officers for 2021/22. After the Council was closed, we all retired to the bar before sitting down to a most convivial meal at the Surbiton Masonic Hall.

Article and photographs by Chris Eley

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