A busy evening for Graham!

Candidates can be like buses… you wait for one and two come along at once.

And thus, after the opening formalities, Companions Andrew Banks and Paul Seldon were Received as Select Masters into Weyside Council No.277 by the Thrice Illustrious Master, Ill.Comp. Graham Rawlinson, at the South West Surrey Masonic Centre in Guildford… Paul being the representative Candidate. Companion Andrew, who is usually the one holding the camera, and therefore manages to avoid being in the photos, had no excuse this time.

A busy evening for Graham! Not content with Receiving the two Candidates, the next item on the Agenda was for the TIM to install his successor, Companion John French – also known to many as the District Grand Prefect of the Allied Masonic Degrees and as Deputy Provincial Grand Master of the Mark Province of Surrey. Having been welcomed into the Council, Companions Paul and Andrew were therefore asked to leave again!

A busy evening for Graham! On their return to the Council, Companions Paul and Andrew saluted the new Thrice Illustrious Master, and in return were rewarded with appointments as Manciples, alongside the other officers in the Council.

A busy evening for Graham! The Council also marked the sad passing of Ill.Comp. Brian Berry, who was called to Higher Service on Christmas Eve.

The labours of the evening being ended, the assembled brethren retired to the Onslow Bar for drinks, followed by a relaxed festive board.

A busy evening for Graham! Weyside Council meets at Guildford on the 2nd Tuesday in April, the 3rd Monday in July and the 2nd Friday in December.

Article and photographs by Andrew Banks

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Royal and Select Masters District of Surrey
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