May The Force be with Warlingham Council

On Wednesday 4th May (Star Wars Day) I paid an informal visit to Warlingham Council No 161 at Nutfield. Our District Recorder, Ill Comp Terry Carpenter picked me up from home and we collected Ill Comp John Bryant along the way.

The Agenda told us that Bro Mark Rann was to be Chosen as a Select Master. As a result of the sudden illness of the T.I.M. Ill.Comp. Norman Playford, the IPM Ill.Comp. Jeff Penfold was suddenly pitched into the role of TIM. The absence of a couple of other key officers resulted in much acting.

May The Force be with Warlingham Council Notwithstanding the difficulties an excellent ceremony resulted. The Recorder, Ill.Comp. Stephen Hall gave a lecture on the History of Cryptic Masonry that was well received.

May The Force be with Warlingham Council There followed a most enjoyable Festive Board with a main course of Fish and Chips.

Article and photographs by David Blackburn

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Royal and Select Masters District of Surrey
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