A visit to Yorkshire

The annual meeting of the North and East Yorkshire District was held in Hull.

I usually like to attend as the District Grand Master, R.Ill.Comp Neil Woodward is a long-time friend. Here is Neil with R.Ill.Comp. Chris Lewis.

A visit to Yorkshire It is usually Terry and I attending but for a change Sandra and I went up to Whitby for a long weekend and I left her on Saturday morning to pop down to Hull.

A visit to Yorkshire Yorkshire is a very large county, and it’s a good one and a half hours each way. Whitby is a marvellous town at the mouth of the River Esk and overlooked by the Abbey ruins. Sandra and I had a very pleasant long weekend there.

So, I arrived in Hull from the North, Terry attended, travelling up on the day from the south, and from the West came our District Grand Captain of the Guard, Ill. Comp Archie Parsons, now a West Yorkshire resident.

A visit to Yorkshire We enjoyed the usual excellent Yorkshire hospitality including Pork Pie on arrival with the morning coffee.

A quiet meeting as their Organist could not attend. You realise how quiet it is without music and emphasised how lucky we were in March to have Ill. Comp. John Gough come to our rescue.

A visit to Yorkshire Article and photographs by David Blackburn

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