2021 News

The 2021 news from the District of Surrey. Click on the link to view the news item.

  15.12.21 A Presentation on the Cryptic Order at Weyside Council
  13.12.21 A Visit to the District of South Wales
  02.12.21 A Visit to Middlesex
  01.12.21 The Degree of Excellent Master
  17.11.21 Sussex by the Sea
  16.09.21 An Executive Visit to Chelsea Council
  14.09.21 A Royal Meeting of the Pride of Surrey Council
  06.08.21 A Visit to Sussex by our District Grand Master
  28.07.21 Presentation of a USAF Mug to Paul Fitzgerald
  26.07.21 The Installation Meeting of Waverley Council of Royal & Select Masters
  22.07.21 A busy afternoon for the Weald of Surrey Council
  14.07.21 A Visit to the District of Devon and Cornwall
  08.07.21 A Visit to the District of Essex
  01.07.21 A Visit to the District of London
  29.06.21 A Visit to the Wyvern District
  09.06.21 A Visit to the District of North and East Yorkshire
  01.06.21 A Visit to the District of Cheshire and the Marches
  27.05.21 A Visit to the East Midlands
  14.05.21 The Last VBM of Chertsey Abbey and Runnymede Councils
  26.04.21 A Joint Communication from the Progressive Orders in Surrey - lifting the suspension of Masonic meetings
  20.04.21 Back to the Caribbean
  30.03.21 Resumption of Masonic meetings
  29.03.21 District Grand Council of Surrey Annual Meeting
  18.03.21 A Visit to Cumberland & Westmoreland
  15.03.21 A Virtual Business Meeting of Waverley Council
  08.03.21 Another Virtual Business Meeting of Pride of Surrey Council
  01.03.21 A Visit to the Caribbean
  23.02.21 A Visit to Lancashire
  11.02.21 A Visit to Derbyshire
  09.02.21 The 2021 Annual Meeting of the Royal and Select Masters District of Surrey
  08.02.21 Grand Ranks 2021
  15.01.21 The First Virtual Business Meeting of a Surrey Council

Royal and Select Masters District of Surrey
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