A Busy Afternoon for the Pride of Surrey Council

A Busy Afternoon for the Pride of Surrey Council

In March the Pride of Surrey Council No. 168 had an official visit from Ill.Comp. Peter Kipps, P.G.Man., Deputy District Grand Director of Ceremonies accompanied by Ill.Comp. Jim Cranefield, District Grand Sword Bearer.

Comp. Jonathan Knopp was Received and Acknowledged as a Most Excellent Master by the T.I.M., Ill.Comp. Tony Laird, assisted by his Officers. Following the ceremony, Comp. Mark Elphick was installed as the Thrice Illustrious Master by Ill.Comp. Tony Laird.

The T.I.M. then appointed and invested the officers present. Comp. Richard Veness as Deputy Master; Comp. Chris Eley as P.C.W.; Ill. Comp. Tony Batcheler as Treasurer; V.Ill.Comp. Laurie Young as Recorder; Ill.Comp. Alan Boniface as Director of Ceremonies; Comp. Barry Northmore as Conductor of the Council; Comp. Steve Jones as Steward; Comps. George Jalfon and Jonathan Knopp as Manciples, and Comp. Graham Jones as Sentinel.

Article and photograph by Chris Eley

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