The 2015 Annual General Meeting - report and photographs

The Annual Meeting of the District Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of Surrey took place on the 28th March 2015 at the Masonic Hall, Croydon, Surrey.


From 9 am Companions of the District and their guests started arriving and by 10.45 everyone was seated in the Temple. Just after 10.50 the Companions were called to order to receive the distinguished guests, including Right Illustrious Companions resplendent in their chains of office, and past members of the District Executive.

Finally, the entire meeting was called to order by Ill.Comp. Tony Wright, the District Grand Director of Ceremonies, to receive the District Grand Officers of the year accompanying the District Grand PCW, Ill.Comp. Jack Love; the Deputy District Grand Master, Ill.Comp. Louis Keats; and the District Grand Master, R.Ill.Comp. David Blackburn led by the District Grand Sword Bearer and followed by the District Grand Standard Bearer.

District Grand Council was opened in due form by the District Grand Master who was saluted under the direction of the District Grand Director of Ceremonies. The business of District Grand Council commenced with the District Grand Master individually welcoming the many representatives of other Districts and Masonic Orders.

During the meeting the District Grand Master was pleased to appoint and invest Ill.Comp. Jack Love as the Deputy District Grand Master and Ill.Comp. David Else as the District Grand P.C.W.

A total of 22 appointments and promotions in District Grand Rank were announced, the recipients being invested and congratulated by the District Grand Master.

The District Grand Master addressed District Grand Lodge (click here to read the address). The meeting was then called to order and closed in due form with a closing hymn. The District Grand Master, the Deputy District Grand Master and the District Grand P.C.W., together with members of the Past Executive, honoured guests and District Officers then left the Temple in procession to the echoing strains of a recessional fanfare by the District Grand Organist, Comp. Glyn Harvey.

Following the meeting, 75 Companions of the District of Surrey and their guests dined together in peace and harmony, where the customary Loyal and Masonic toasts were honoured.

Article and photos by Chris Eley

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