The Regalia of the Order of Royal And Select Masters

The Apron and the Jewel

The Apron The apron of the Order of Royal & Select Masters is unique from other degrees in Freemasonry due to its triangular form. The Triangle is of course an emblem of the Deity and holds particular significance for Freemasons.

On completion of the first Cryptic Degree of Select Master, a Companion is invested with the jewel of the Order, pictured right, which consists of a skeleton equilateral triangle of white enamel, surmounted by a gold Imperial Crown suspended from a crimson ribbon. When he has passed through the remaining three Degrees, he is entitled to wear the triangular apron, pictured bellow, which is of white kid with a border of crimson silk edged with gold braid. Officers of private Councils wear crimson collars, from which is suspended a gilt jewel of the emblem of their office.

The Jewel The Thrice Illustrious Master (i.e. Master) of a Council wears a similar apron with the emblem of the office of Master embroidered in the centre. The apron of a Past Master has a slightly different emblem. A District Grand Officer wears a crimson collarette, from which is suspended a gilt jewel of the emblem of their office, while a Grand Officer’s apron (embroidered with the badge of his rank) and collar are edged with gold lace. The ribbon of the breast jewel is edged with white.

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